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How it all began....

Conzentric was founded in 2018 by three CZTs - Katharina Königsbauer-Kolb, Jennifer Hohensteiner and Ela Rieger. With the support and blessings from Zentangle, Inc., we brought the CZT seminars to Europe, holding CZT-Europe Seminar #1 in May 2019 in Frankfurt, Germany.

After three in-person seminars, a CZT Day & Reunion, and one online seminar, Ela said goodbye to Conzentric in 2021 for health reasons. We will miss her! But we are very happy to have Anna-Maria Meinhardt (CZT-EU #1) and Christina Heitkötter (CZT-EU #2) join our teaching team. Behind the scenes Ilona Thun supports with with organization and everything that has to do with bookings and payments.

We continue to be motivated by a desire to establish the Zentangle Method in Europe as an enduring art form with all the benefits of relaxation, pleasure, and well-being it brings with it.

The Conzentric Team

Since Katharina Königsbauer-Kolb became a CZT, a lot has happened in her life: she has written two books about Zentangle and taught numerous courses for young and old. In her "Tanglekunst Shop", tanglers all over Europe can stock up on everything they need for tangling. Between her desk, two children, partner and cat, Katharina practices Zentangle to bring a little relaxation into her everyday life.

Jennifer Hohensteiner is from the United States, but has lived in Germany since 1990. She discovered Zentangle in 2013 and becoming a CZT was her present to herself when she turned 50 in 2015. She teaches regular workshops to a group of loyal students who, like her, cannot seem to get enough of Zentangle. Besides tangling, Jennifer paints, draws, and writes stories and poems. She also loves to sing – but her family seems to prefer it when she tangles.

Christina Heitkötter became a CZT in 2019. She pours her enthusiasm for this wonderful and relaxing drawing method, into courses she teaches for private and corporate clients. Christina regularly tangles live with her growing community on Instagram. In Leipzig she gives live workshops to those interested in experiencing first-hand how Zentangle provides relaxation with nothing more than pen and paper. It’s not unusual for her particpants to go onto become true Zentangle fans who integrate the method in their daily lives. After working as a dentist, Christina found her "WHY" and her passion and lets as many people as possible share in it. As part of the Conzentric team, Christina is proud to be contributing to further spreading the Zentangle method internationally.

Since discovering the Zentangle method in 2017 and becoming certified in the 1st CZT Europe Seminar, Zentangle has completely changed Anna-Maria Meinhardt's life. While it was initially a source of strength and self-appreciation, it is now much more. Anna-Maria has been teaching the Zentangle method with great passion and empathy offline and online in various settings and for a wide variety of participants since June 2019. She loves to see people blossom with the help of the Zentangle method. As part of the Conzentric team, Anna-Maria is looking forward to encouraging new CZT's to bring their enthusiasm for the Zentangle method and its benefits into the world.

Ilona Thurn supports Conzentric in the back office, making sure the numbers also add up at the end of each creative day. She likes to spend her free time out in nature - hiking, biking and enjoying the lakes in the area where she lives.